Saturday, 22 August 2009

Days Dragged By...

This is the next piece, i wanted to pay more attention reproducing technical, architectural based subjects like the structure of the boy's house, as this is again something i have not woked hard enough at.

I feel that this is quite successful, i may change some hues althought i would like to keep the mute tones to compliment the rest of the story.
The father is introduced more at this point of the story so he turns up in the background as a secondary character who eventually becomes the main reason for repairing the boy's happiness.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New Piece

This piece precedes the previous couple, showing the boy falling asleep in the field before having to run home. I attempted a new perspective on the lower half of the page, an almost first point perspective of the father, again showing the boy as small and fragile, but also to focus on the tiiredness off the father, with cuts on his neck. This is an initial hint as to what he has been up to whilst the boy was out, as we later discover he has been working hard to fix the piano.

...the boy drifted off...

This is my first complete spread piece, it involves the bees going into the boy's room after he has been sent to bed. This time the mouse makes a cameo, i have made this a semi-running theme, including mice appearing in various parts of the story in the background, always watching over the boy.

...pessimism bleached the skies...

This is my new piece for Piano and the Boy. For the first time i have decided to draw a one page piece a little bigger than actual size so more detail can be drawn in. This image required loads of detail as it is grand in scale, showing the sadness sweeping over the town as the boy wanders through the decadent streets.