Friday, 28 October 2011

New Christmas Card Range 2011!

Here is a set of four new designs I have illustrated that I will be selling around the globe (okay the West Midlands for now), I will be selling them at £3.99 for a set of five different designs. I am also making up more of the Bee Santa Sleigh cards and the Bee Bauble card which were popular last year!!

Paper Heart Company Illustration

This is the first completed Christmas Card design for The Paper Heart Company.
The concept of the Santa Suit out and hanging up and ready is a different approach to the idea that Christmas beckons! I've tried to give it a vintage feel with the slightly off-colour fur and darkness in the red, on an old wooden coathanger.

It is a taster of a LOT more to come from Paper Heart!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Awesome Folky Gig Poster

I love The Tallest Man on Earth, I love this poster. I could definitely cuddle that font as well

Totem Exhibition at the Custard Factory Summer 2011

At an exhibition where my man-partner in crime Murray Somerville displayed his epically mental Totem design, I came across a table of treats involving a smug looking cat and a t shirt with a hairy luchador. random combination, love it.

Renoir painting

I might have already posted this but its beautiful so its going up again, it is a painting by Renoir of a girl with red hair and pale skin which I find so striking and it inspired my ideas for the Wizard of Oz piece I created involving Dorothy in the Poppy Field. I think I will use it as a basis for a new picture book character too!

Visit to the Nature Centre

I have been indirectly inspired by a baby meerkat struggling to find its feet. LOOK AT IT!

Old Valentine's Card

Again, I'm not sure of the Illustrator (apart from that its from Getty Images), but this has muted vintage-stained colours that I am highly loving. It is a little kitsch but the idea of a hot air balloon could be good inspiration for a picture book story. Or I am just blowing hot air and it isn't inspiration at all.

A New Venture - The Paper Heart Company!

This is a tiny taster of something big I am pursuing beside my picture book illustration.

It is an amazing coalition between myself and a Regina Spektor lookalike called The Paper Heart Company.

We offer wedding invitations, including an option in which we offer custom-made designs, specific to the client's wedding. Along with this we will have a wedding portraiture service (that's me) and baking kits (that's her). It is still in its embryonic stages but soon we will be taking our splendid designs to no less than FIVE Christmas fairs beginning in November.

EVERY SATURDAY leading up to Christmas we will be around in the West Midlands! Watch this festive space!

Kitchen Garden Cafe Exhibition

Another exhibiton I have recently put up is in the Kitchen garden Cafe in Kings Heath. A quaint little cafe which has somehow passed me by! I have discovered it now and it is bloody lovely.

My work is also being exhibited for a month, and I will be at both Christmas Fairs (November 29th and December 12th)

selling brand new CHRISTMAS CARDS featuring cats, bees, presents, and a gingerbread man!

Vintage Logos

I randomnly found this set of logos which I find beautiful and inspirational, I'm a sucker for tight and intricate art nouveau decoration, and these, although flirting with medieval, show great composition and further influence my approach to composition and design.

Egypt Illustrations!

A side project I have been doing is illustrated resources for pupils with learning difficulties. My first set of illustrations was for History, particularly Ancient Egypt! Tutankhamen is possibly the don, and my favourite to illustrate.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

cut-ty out-ty illustration

this is AWESOME, i'm assuming its rob ryan or someone doing a really good impression of him!