Monday, 30 March 2015

Big Hoot update

My artist page has now been added to the Big Hoot site, and I am looking forward to getting started on this. I have also found out that the owl will be a large owl at 165cm.

Alongside this I will be working with a community group in Sheldon and we will be designing and painting a small 90cm owlet!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Game of Thrones Compendium Update!

A day after submitting my Sansa Stark illustration, it has gone through the initial stages of moderation...

...and is now officially shortlisted as a Finalist for the Game of Thrones Compendium!

Now to wait a few months for the final results!


Parisien Café (pencil, watercolour, digital)


This is the Boot Cafeé in the Marais region of Paris. I am planning to do a series of Paris cafés and will sell them as greeting cards and prints. I will approach cafés in Montmartre and Versailles as I hope to have my work in several places in Paris.

6/8 Kafé Exhibition

A reminder that an exhibition of some brand new work is up at 6/8 Kafé till 18th April 2015!

Greeting cards based on the woodland creatures series can be bought at my etsy :)

Game of Thrones Compendium submission

I have finally submitted my entry to the Game of Thrones Compendium. This is my supporting statement which sits alongside the piece:

Sansa Stark's transition at the close of Season 4 is symbolised by her piercing, confrontational glare and ghostly face, drained of colour and warmth. The dark tones in the styling of her make-up highlight the gothic, sinister Sansa we are forced to accept. Her face is depicted in watercolour which shows softness, however the remains of her innocence are overshadowed by the feathers which are sharp like blades.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Boot Café illustration progress

I have almost completed the girl on the bicycle, which is produced using watercolour and pencil, layered and textured together in Photoshop. 

I still need to add the spokes on the wheels and make some minor edits, then I will get working on the inside detail of the cafe and add the rest into this piece. I will likely simplify elements and use a pencil line style and watercolour to complete it.

I have been looking at a lot of editorial illustration in high end, lavish magazines and packaging illustration in places like Waitrose and there is a reduction in detail in favour of watercolour and a slightly more hand drawn feel rather than pin point pencil illustration.

Submit to: Oh Comely Magazine

I came across the finely printed culture and arts magazine a few days ago. Once I found articles on PJ Lynch, Maurice Sendak and some cute little ornate spoons, I have made a mental note to approach these guys soon and see if they have a suitable space for my style or need some illustrations for upcoming articles.

Specialist Lecturer at Birmingham City University

I've had the lovely honour of being invited into Birmingham City University at Parkside to present my work to Level 6 and Level 5 students, lead tutorial sessions and discuss my practice alongside some great Illustrators during an all-day Symposium.

Lady Sonnnnnnnnsa, watercolour and pencil, (March 2015)

This is my completed Game of Thrones Compendium entry. I just need to reformat the piece and submit it in the next week or so. I feel I have captured her well, with a confrontational and piercing expression. I wanted to blend some gingerliness with darker tones in her hair to show the transition she has gone through and wash out her skin and eyes so she appears more like a cold, ruthless cow bag.

Boot Café Lovin'

The Boot Café have kindly posted the first update of my illustration on their own account! I will be making them up into greeting cards before I head to Paris in May. My work definitely suits a more European audience and whilst on holiday it is a good opportunity to make some inroads. 

If I can put my work in their gallery space it'd be great. I am aiming to get one or two more designs of this series made up and put in and around cafés in Montmartre and Versailles! Watch this space...

Boot Café illustration

To continue my shopfront series, as I have researched the most-loved independent cafés in Paris and will be illustrating a series of these. I am beginning with the Boot Café in Le Marais district. The café also have a little gallery space and I have been tagging them in Instagram posts so they can see my updates.

2015 Winter-Spring Competition Entries

Inspiration, Research and Future Plans

Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizelinski. I used a line / flat colour style for my Big Hoot entry, and aim to produce more illustrations that suit this style, including a children's guide to inventors, which may either be a combination of pencil and line or pure line. If it is the former, I may do pencil portraits of the headshot of inventors or famous historical / lesser known figures and the rest in pen (the body / invention).

These watercolour portraits on a note book published by Chronicle Books is also not dissimilar to my style. I may collage my future inventor illustrations into a series of collateral: notebooks, tea towels, mugs, postcards, business cards etc all of which would be via Awesome Merchandise who I am so impressed with every time I use them.

Secret 7" 2015 entry

Secret 7" entry complete! Here is my submission for this year's competition, but I can't tell you which song I have chosen just yet...

Sansa progress

Pencil details added to the Sansa piece, with additional piercing eyes.

6/8 Kafé Exhibition

So my work will be exhibited for a second time at 6/8 Kafé with a brand new set of pieces. The work has been up since 18th February and will stay up till 18th April!  3 prints have already sold out which is great news so I will be in to replenish soon!

Sansa developed idea

I have worked into the facial features to indicate the feel of the finished piece. I want Sansa to be still and confrontational, with softness in her face but sharp detail and colours in her face, as she is slowly engulfed by a darker side.

Sansa initial sketch

This is a very quick sketch towards a competition based on Game of Thrones. I will probably approach it with the same style as I first tried out for the Lorde illustration, with combined elements of pencil detail and watercolour.