Sunday, 10 June 2012

'Rise Again' cover art produced for The Rainband

This is the completed voluntary piece I undertook by request of The Rainband in aid of the Marco Simoncelli Foundation for the tribute single 'Rise Again'. Here is a snapshot of the lovely reaction I received on Facebook for this illustration, thanks to each and every one of the 56 Likers!

Fraggle taster!

I will soon be unveiling my design for the Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary competition.

I am putting the finishing touches- bunting and party hats onto my fraggles!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Zizzi 'Fresh Talent' plate design Competition

My entry for the ‘Fresh Talent’ competition has a vintage approach. I have incorporated the colours of the flag of Italy- home to Zizzi’s cuisine- into my design.
The pose of the barmaid echoes the style of classic pin-ups. Her dark features reflect her Mediterranean roots and the wine glasses embody the spirit of Italian culture.
The illustration blends lush glamour and a sense of home and promotes the freshness and authenticity of the Italian cuisine at Zizzi’s, which is ‘Deliciously Stylish’.

The winner of this competition has their design printed and used in 250 Zizzi restaurants across the UK.