Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Katie Coulton

My illustrating partner in crime Katie Coulton is working towards becoming a book illustrator. Just to pick one of the images that inspires me, the delicacy of the two birds is fragile and beautiful. Sensitive imagery like this encourages me further to think about how to illustrate stories in the most touching way that will provoke a reaction from the reader.

Saturday, 21 August 2010


I have completed the first spread for the as yet untitled bee story. The six-part illustration spread shows more of a journey, as the bee tries to lift itself and find hope.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bee carrying stamp

This image precedes the rain illustration as the bee fetches the stamp. The stamp is symbolic in itself as it has a sleeping sun, almost like it is dormant until hope is restored.

Reference Material

I have crafted a rough mock up bee out of blu tak as reference for when I illustrate the bees in the story in different stances. This is the sheeti used to elp draw the bee holding the stamp outin the rain

Bee in the rain

The bee wets the stampin te rain, this also reminds us that it rained every day when the sun left.

Origami bird

This is the bee folding the postcard into a bird, this spread works in 6 brief spots which helps to change the pace of the story and raises more attention to certain parts of the narrative, for example i wanted to emphasise the bee's resilience and persistence in keeping hope.

Final image of new spread

This is the original illustration for the sixth spot illustration of a new spread for the bee story. It shows the creatures finding other means to bring back the sun. This illustration shows the bee, having crafted the postcard into a paper bird, sending it across the skies to fall into hope's hands.