Saturday, 5 September 2009

An alternative story I am doing unrelated to the childen's book is a narrative entitled 'Shine On' that i may create as a graphic novel short story. It will be done probably in pen with mixed media backgrounds to give a textured look which differs from my previous works.
This is a very rough example of how a frame would appear, with spots of colour on each illustration, in this example the red hoodie. In a way it is a textless narrative as two stories unravel simultaneously, as the illustrations are a seperate story to the manuscript text however they entwine at the story's close.

Poppy New Still

A new image of my character Poppy chasing a butterfly. I could perhaps use this as an endpage image as it doesnt feature in the story however it gives an indication as to the type of persona of the lead character.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Character Idea

Along with working on the 'Piano and the Boy' story, i have been developing the narrative for a story which currently has a working title of 'Light up the Sky'.
It follows the relationship between father and daughter and after the father becomes ill, this is a concept design for the daughter character Poppy out collecting plants and herbs in an attempt to help her father.
It is still a rough design which needs refining, the figure is slightly out of proportion and the face needs some work.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Arms like towers

Another new piece for my children's story, i was worried that such focus on purely the boy's face would not be able to carry itself as its own composition, i'm still unsure but i paid particular attention to the eyes and framed the face with the arch created by the father's head and shoulder to draw a point of focus to the boy.