Friday, 9 January 2015

All Aboard! Big Hoot Competition Submission!

My design is titled Owl Aboard! I wanted to create a piece promoting Birmingham’s forward- thinking and development of the new Metro service which will travel from Snowhill to New Street. Focusing on this theme was when the idea took flight.

I created a whimsical world in the trees above Birmingham where owls flock to catch the Metro to Snowhill. The little owlets departing the train are on a school trip is an ode to Birmingham recently being named for best UK city to visit. 

I have given the owl’s individual looks and personalities to represent the mixed cultural population in Birmingham and it is safe to say they are having a right hoot. 

Christmas Cards have arrived!

This was the lovely box crammed full of Christmas cards for 2014's range! I hope 2015 is the same :)

Yorks Bakery Cafe completed Christmas card!

Yorks Christmas card complete! I added a vintage 1930s feel through the choice of typography and gave the impression of night time through the vibrant lighting inside and the purple hazed snow reflecting the winter night sky.

Yorks Bakery Cafe Christmas card progress

Some good progress on the Yorks design, including a coloured wreath, lamposts and the boy with the sled.

I wanted to capture the essence of Yorks homely feel, and the golden tones set by the low-hanging bulbs have been echoed in the illustration.

Yorks Bakery Café Christmas card progress

I have begun my final design for this year, a Yorks Bakery Café Christmas card. 

Although this is the last for 2014, it will mark the beginning in a new range of greeting cards which I will carry through to 2015, including a Boston Tea Party and Electric cinema greeting card illustrated in a similar style.