Tuesday, 31 October 2017

mac Birmingham Christmas card

I have designed a Christmas card celebrating mac Birmigham - formerly Midlands Art Centre - where I have taught for the last 18 months.

I focused on the distinctive building facade first then added a few characters to bring it to life.

Spending time creating the transparent nature of the bauble adds depth and contains the festive atmosphere within the scene,

Adding small touches like the shadow under the bow and the glint on the bauble add gravity and the realistic effects of light onto the illustration.

I have been focusing a lot on atmosphere, illumination, long shadows, contrast to create a festive warmth. The next challenge is giving my work a more contemporary aesthetic whilst retaining the strong atmosphere. Reducing some detail and line work would remove some of the heavy, traditional appearance to the illustration.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

New work!

I have been working on little spot illustrations of an orchestra. I might add titles to round them off visually rather than having harsh cut-offs.

I'm always inspired by art deco fashion, architecture and colour and as I am currently creating some new work for The Electric Cinema I have been able to delve into that era again.

Brand new illustration coming soon!

I have been working on a new piece which will be printed in early Autumn.

I have worked more intensely on this during the summer and challenged myself to draw more sophisticated characters. Although they are still relatively simple, some of my recent work left the small characters faceless and generally unedited.

I'm happy with the finished design of this and it was approved around ten days ago now with no amends, can't wait to see them in print.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Wedding Day!

So rewarding to see the finished work up in the vintage Electric Cinema during the wedding ceremony!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Cinema Illustrations coming soon!

I am working on a set of three brand new designs for a cinema to be unveiled at the end of the Summer! One will include an 1895 projector developed by the Lumière Brothers- the pioneers of cinema.
These images show the process from my original sketch to fully illustrated version, and will make up the back of a greeting card design, celebrating timeless nature of the cinema experience.

Final design / contact information yet to be finalised.

Friday, 21 July 2017

EXCLUSIVE: The Big Sleuth Outlet Window Display

I am so proud to share this huge piece I have been working on for the last 3 weeks.

Today, I visited the finished Big Sleuth window display at the Great Western Arcade.

I have been working closely with Birmingham Children's Hospital to create a window display to celebrate The Big Sleuth in the historic Arcade to help raise funds for an incredible cause.

A scout bear uses his Trail app to hike his way over to find all his bear pals who have migrated to Bearmingham for the Summer.

Bear's sidekick Bee looks on at some shop visitors..

New work on the horizon

Here is a little teaser banner of a new piece of work I am putting the finishing touches on exclusively for The Electric Cinema, can't wait to share it!

BBC Radio West Midlands Interview at mac Birmingham

My manager kindly set me up with an interview to discuss the arts, how to practice drawing as well as a Lego drop-in workshop I delivered on the day.

It was a pleasure to shine a light on mac Birmingham and discuss the importance of the arts in problem solving and confidence building.

We made Lego and had fun outside at a BBQ :)

Wedding invitations!

I am working on some wedding invitations inspired by Havana - the honeymoon destination - done in a style reminiscent of the Independent Birmingham membership card colour palettes and Birmingham feel.

I am attempting a combination of vintage travel posters, industrial Birmingham and Havana, set in a naked cake.

The Big Sleuth Mary Beary Selfies!

One of my favourite parts of The Big Sleuth project is seeing the influx of selfies from visitors discovering my bear along the huge trail!

After 3 weeks mixing colours and painting into the night, the reward is seeing the finished bear in it's proper context with happy families spending their day finding all the bears!

The Big Sleuth Launch Night! 4.7.17

Lovely night at The Big Sleuth Launch Party with a full reveal of all the bears!

Standing with my Bake Off-inspired contribution to this fantastic initiative: Mary Beary's Soggy Bottom!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Big Sleuth is coming...8 days to go!

I am working on a lovely secret project leading up to the huge public art trail The Big Sleuth, alongside Wild in Art and Birmingham Children's Hospital. Watch this space!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Thinktank / Yew Tree visit continued!

Here I am adding some last touches on the front of the bear before the poems are added!

Year 4 pupils during a mocksidermy Butterfly workshop. I encouraged the pupils to use their favourite seasons as inspiration for the colours of their leaves.

Here are all 59 of Yew Tree's Year 4 group with their leaves decorating a scene on the back of the bear!

Images courtesy of Anne-Marie Hayes.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Big Sleuth Yew Tree workshop at Thinktank Science Museum! 7.6.17

This is the moment Year 4 pupils unveiled Yew Tree Primary School's new family member for The Big Sleuth 2017! No details just yet but here is a glimpse of the design from the front, such lovely feedback and a pleasure to work on this bear!

Here is some progress on the flamingos showing the layering of differently coloured feathers!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Bear painting at St Francis, 18-19th May 2017 :)

I spent 2 days at St Francis Church of England Primary School, meeting all the children from nursery up to Year 6 and they all painted onto their bear.

The bear has been christened Fioretti, Italian for 'Little Flowers' and also the title of a book on the life of St Francis, a friar and lover of nature.

This is such a lovely opportunity to encourage children's contribution and love of the arts. I met so many pupils who said they loved drawing and painting and that their parents were artists too.

I had keen pupils submitting their ideas for bears too, including Fred Francis, named after the big red bus in their school field.

In keeping with St Francis' love of nature, in the centre of the school is the quad, where 8 ducklings are being nurtured :)