Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Reykjavik illustration progress

After doing a lot of research around Reykjavik I have pieced together a panoramic scene including several Christmas traditions. I had planned to release the illustrations in two parts - as Christmas cards - that can sit together as a complete diorama.

Lots of small elements from Icelandic folklore will be included in the scene. I may even approach the Icelandic tourism board as the illustration already looks like it could work as a Christmas map or art print. 

To wire together lots of details into the scene, I have continued creating line-based frameworks of the main architecture nestled into a two point perspective.

I have started cladding the buildings here with the famous colourful houses of Reykjavik.

The lighting and reflections in the Blue Lagoon immediately add atmosphere which is a trademark of my work. I have tried to flatten the colours of my work more but having a tangible quality is something I do not want to lose, and I achieve using soft gradients and changes in depth.

The scene will have the northern lights overhead, meaning a night scene will demand more contract and shade in the illustration.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Rejkjavik given the vote!

After a Twitter vote, the theme of a new Christmas card for this year's range has been selected: Rejkjavik! This opens a wealth of playful visuals like the Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights and the iconic Hallgrimskirkja Church.

Birmingham Tote Bag now available at IKON Gallery

Very proud to see my Birmingham Tote Bag stocked at IKON Gallery Birmingham.

IKON Gallery is a contemporary art gallery situated in Brindley Place, Birmingham City Centre.

Photography Copyright Verity Milligan

Bournville Christmas Card on the way

In between projects I have had time to work on a Christmas card for later this year celebrating my childhood village of Bournville, including the famous Carillon bell tower.

I have also been exploring textures and adapting areas of detail - which are easily cluttered and lost - for smaller print by reducing line work where unnecessary.

I have also been focussing a lot on lighting to show form and create atmospheres.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Monday, 30 April 2018

Secret 7" entry

After several years I have entered Secret 7" 2018, I would love to have my work chosen this year and will unveil the design in a month or so. Long wait till the end of May to find out if my illustration has been selected. It has a mythical influence, combining historical cautionary tales to represent my chosen song.

Fashion illustrations

I am producing a few little digital advertising illustrations for a knitwear label. I have always wanted to dip into fashion illustration and using coloured pencils offers a homely feel and texture for my work.

New project updates

I have been working on a large scale wall piece approx 8 x 2.5 metres.

I began the piece in January and hopefully early May it will be ready for installation. I can't wait to unveil the finished version for everyone to see!

I have been using Illustrator a lot more to achieve the technical structure of the architecture. Illustrator also offers clean lines and curves which would greatly slow my progress in Photoshop.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Christmas Mural at mac Birmingham

Christmas has come and gone! Here's a look back of some images of the biggest illustration I have ever walked on, 7m x 1.5m along with 3 intricate Christmas displays.

So proud to work on this and see it all fall together for December. The final elements of Lego we spent a day or so past our ETA but it was worthwhile not rushing the end for the sake of it.

I have been paying more attention to atmosphere and lighting and believe that elements of this mural really show this thinking. I love retro diners, the whole Grease feel and anything art deco so this huge open brief was an opportunity to bind several eclectic influences in a festive aesthetic.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Character illustrations

I have been wanting to improve my character illustrations for a while, as in 2017 I have enjoyed focusing on atmosphere, lighting, colour and composition.

Gustave Eiffel bought the rights in 1884 to build a huge 4-cornered metal tower which would eventually become his namesake and the pinnacle of the 1889 Paris Expo.

Josephine Baker was an incredible character in history. Born in slums, Baker became a cabaret dancer and an overnight sensation in Paris, before joining the French Resistance during WWII and receiving high commendations for her persistent work. In the 1950s she strived for civil rights and performed to an integrated crowd Miami.

Oh and she had a pet cheetah.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Vintage Paris map updates

Over Christmas I have picked up a personal project I started a while back! It will be an illustrated map celebrating turn of the century Montmartre during the swell of artists, musicians and poets, more popularly known as the Children of the Revolution.

Le Bateau Lavoir: Picasso's studio where he painted the famous Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

The famous Moulin Rouge at the bottom of the hill.

Mural update

This is an illustration of the New Town which sits in the middle of the 6 metre long mural. I wanted to bring in influence from romantic architecture including the Basilica in Moscow and Mont St Michel in France. 

The fictional town is nestled not far from the North Pole and will be decorated with Christmas trees and festive characters.