Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Thinktank / Yew Tree visit continued!

Here I am adding some last touches on the front of the bear before the poems are added!

Year 4 pupils during a mocksidermy Butterfly workshop. I encouraged the pupils to use their favourite seasons as inspiration for the colours of their leaves.

Here are all 59 of Yew Tree's Year 4 group with their leaves decorating a scene on the back of the bear!

Images courtesy of Anne-Marie Hayes.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Big Sleuth Yew Tree workshop at Thinktank Science Museum! 7.6.17

This is the moment Year 4 pupils unveiled Yew Tree Primary School's new family member for The Big Sleuth 2017! No details just yet but here is a glimpse of the design from the front, such lovely feedback and a pleasure to work on this bear!

Here is some progress on the flamingos showing the layering of differently coloured feathers!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Bear painting at St Francis, 18-19th May 2017 :)

I spent 2 days at St Francis Church of England Primary School, meeting all the children from nursery up to Year 6 and they all painted onto their bear.

The bear has been christened Fioretti, Italian for 'Little Flowers' and also the title of a book on the life of St Francis, a friar and lover of nature.

This is such a lovely opportunity to encourage children's contribution and love of the arts. I met so many pupils who said they loved drawing and painting and that their parents were artists too.

I had keen pupils submitting their ideas for bears too, including Fred Francis, named after the big red bus in their school field.

In keeping with St Francis' love of nature, in the centre of the school is the quad, where 8 ducklings are being nurtured :)