Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Fairytale Shoes

This is a new illustrations based on the shoes of famous children's book characters, notably Dorothy and Cinderella. I will be printing this design onto notebooks and greeting cards

Owl Aboard!!!

Here is the final Cross Country-approved Owl Aboard design which will sit in the middle of Birmingham city centre across 10 weeks in Summer 2015. The design incorporates the Cross Country livery

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

La Maison Rose update

I have edited the illustration in Photoshop (although it still requires amendments and the left side completing. I have added watercolour textures tot he main facade then digitally coloured the green sections and added flower baskets and chalkboard writing to complete the typical french feel.

Louboutin experiments

Some pencil crayon / watercolour experiments on some Louboutin drawings. I initially thought watercolour would work better to give the silky finish of the shoes by pencil crayons tens to work better because they give an old film grain which echoes the 50s colours of the shoes, browns and beiges. The pencil crayon also allows more consistency in tone and precision.

La Maison Rose Progress

I've been detailing the pencil illustratio of my next paris Café, La Maison Rose, Montmartre

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Project Leader: Big Hoot Sheldon Launch Day!

Thursday 2nd April was the launch day for the Big Hoot in Sheldon.

Alongside Ben from Wild in Art, we introduced the project, its coverage and sparked ideas for the 8-11 children to get their inspiration flowing for the following art workshop session.

It was a lovely day and great to inspire and encourage children's creative sides, I had a variety of lovely designs come through the children and there are already a few that I can see working nicely on a scaled up final design.

I will be returning to St Thomas's Community Church on 27th/28th April for more workshops creating ideas for the giant owl design, then I will spend the last days of April formulating one final idea that represents Sheldon, drawn by the people of Sheldon.

By 1st May, my idea will be submitted and later in May I will have 4x four hour painting sessions with the most willing members of the community who really want to get stuck into, with a final deadline of June 22nd, where I will be completing the rest of the painting at the Custard Factory, alongside my own Owl Aboard design!