Monday, 23 February 2015

AOI World Illustration Awards 2015

I have entered this year's competition under Self Promotion, with the Lorde, Gatsby and Moonrise Kingdom editorial illustrations.

Foxes envelope stickers!

My Foxes stickers arrived from Awesome Merchandise, and they're bloody lovely.
I should have maybe coloured the ruled lines in the ginger of the foxes as the black lines are a little sharp. Either way, my envelopes will look pretty when I send out orders to my ever growing fans.

6/8 Kafé Exhibition

Enjoy Some Pretty Drawings at 6/8 Kafé, Temple Row, Birmingham. They feature a series of four woodland animals that I am selling as prints and as whimsical greeting cards. Also an exhibition-only print of Carey Mulligan's Daisy as seen in The Great Gatsby, and a vintage Italian Lemonade poster which was a self-directed packaging design project

Fashiony sketchy piece

This is a piece I am working on in reply to a set of song lyrics for a competition entry. It is a commentary on the over reliance on social media and the posing clones society has become. So, happy messages! 
I had a series of fashion sketches that didn't have a home, but they fit in with this brief nicely so I am collating this design together into a cluttered collage of characters, jostling for attention with vain poses.

Anna Kendrick, Elie Saab, 2010 Oscars dress (watercolour, pencil)

I will be creating an editorial spread of the most iconic Oscars dresses from over the years, including Audrey Hepburn's famous white dress and Angelina Jolie's silky, central cut dress. I have been working on incorporating watercolour textures to my work to add a floatier, looser feel to my illustration.

Lorde (pencil, digital, watercolour)

This is an illustration I have entered for the AOI World Illustration Awards under Self-Promotion. I wanted to enter some picture book work as I feel it is strong work however my newer pieces have this minimalistic feel.
 The piece uses a lot of negative space to focus attention on the intense detail which was created with mixed media, albeit fairly safe styles. The face is pencil then watercolour and the softness supports the hair/necklace illustration whilst bringing something new to the illustration, creating a softer mood.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Daisy, The Great Gatsby (pencil, watercolour, digital)

So I illustrated the portrait of Daisy about a year and a half ago, it was just the hair illustration with the jewelled head band. Then I added the face and it became a film poster (although ear detail is still needed), then I thought the poster was swamping all the detail in just this piece so I have stripped it back again to its original form. 
I have added a watercolour circular frame to loosen the detail within it. I will be using watercolour more to balance the heavy detail, and give the illustration more life and a contemporary feel

Nuthatches greeting card

Here is the completed Nuthatch valentine's card, it has come out perfectly and the beige wash behind compliments the inky blues of the birds. Its always good to remember which tones fall together nicely and have staple pallettes to choose from.


Here are my illustration of loved up Nuthatches to complete my range of four woodland animals. I wil reformat them into the greeting card dimensions and they will be available on my etsy shop.

Tawny Owls completed Valentine's card

This is the completed Tawny Owls illustration which I am selling at my Paper Fables Etsy shop. I will be producing one more image for this range, probably Nuthatches!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Valentine's card #2 Owls!

Here are some progress shots of my next Valentine's card design featuring two sleepy owls on a branch. Like the Foxes, I have stylised the faces just in the eyes and added eyebrows to give the owls more of a relatable human character to them.

Valentine's Card complete

My Valentine's cards for this year follow a Woodland animals theme. The first being a pair of loved up red foxes. Next up, Tawny Owls!

Ralph Steadman-judged Breaking Bad competition: 'Face Off' Gus Fring portrait

Here is my completed illustration depicting the defining scene of Breaking Bad. The brief was to choose the most pivotal moment spanning the five series and this was my choice. It also gave me the chance to work in a less used medium, watercolour and colour pencils.

Merry Christmas design

I will continue the theme of shopfronts using this Christmas card as a launchpad to a series of other fronts, including a french themed Paris bakery / toy shop and more Birmingham-based cafés.

Limonata Packaging Design

Here is my completed illustration for a traditional Italian Lemonade bottle packaging design. I have included content such as 'Produced in Italy', 'Made with natural mineral water' and 'Made using a traditional Italian recipe', along with the bottle size of 0.5l.

Limonata logo design

Here is a logo design for my upcoming vintage Lemonade packaging I am working on. I have worked on it via Adobe Illustrator so it is crisp and ready to colour in Photoshop

Come and Get your Love!

Final design for a Valentine's card produced in line and flat colour. I have been developing more of this style of drawing, as it allows more style to come through and looks looser than my traditional pencil style.