Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Comissioned Set of 9 Illustrations

Resting Horizon piece

This is the first completed illustration for a set of two commssioned pieces I am currently working on. It will be coloured and finished in the next few days!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Theatre Show Piece

This is a commission I have just completed for a theatre group based in London for the show 'The Great Fire of London'. The show follows Billy the baker boy who worked in Faryner's Bakery. I have used him as the central character for this illustration and incorporated the Great Fire which is resting in his hands.

Sneak Peek of new piece

This is the first view of the piece I am working on, it shows the creatures in each others arms on a flower, their antennae entwined.

Sketches for commissioned pieces

These are my final roughs for a 2-piece commission I have begun work on. It is for an wedding anniversary gift and so the illustrations have the underlying messages of strength, longevity and unity.
The first piece shows two creatures sitting on a flower staring at a bright sunset, urrounded by the warm hues of nature- golden barley fields, a vivid sky and birds flying overhed into the sunset.
The second piece shows the creatures sewing together wings from leaves and twigs, soaring high above ground together.